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Distinctive and beautiful handmade earrings in aluminium, copper, silver and glass

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Clip-on: the clip is a two-part hinged and sprung mechanism, attached to the back of the earring, the two parts being closed around the ear lobe and held in place by mechanical pressure.

Screw-on: an alternative to clip-on earrings and which many people find more comfortable as they can be adjusted minutely with a threaded screw in order to obtain a comfortable fit.

Spring Closure: These earrings have a spring which holds the earring in place by pressure both sides of the ear lobe, giving the appearance of pierced ears.

Magnetic: These earrings simulate the look of earrings for pierced ears but are held in place by magnetic force. Magnets on the back of the earring are attracted to a magnetic piece place on the reverse of the ear lobe.

French hook, Fish Hook, Shepherd's Hook: A curved wire resembling a fish hook or shepherd's crook passes through the ear lobe. Sometimes a small plastic retainer is used for extra security.

Kidney wires: These are a variation of the French hook. The wire is closed with a little hook at the back, unlike French hooks which remain open.

Lever Back: These hooks are hinged at the bottom. The front part passes through the ear and clips into the back part.

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