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The Oxford Dictionary definition of an earring is an Ornament worn on the lobe of the ear. It can be attached via a clip, a piercing or magnetically.

Stud: Studs are attached to a post which passes through the ear lobe and is held in place by a push-on clip or butterfly at the back.

Hoop: A hoop earring is a ring, often made of tubing, with a thin wire which passes through the ear piercing. The hollow tubing is permanently attached to the tubing at the front of the earring and having passed through the ear lobe, slips into the tubing on the reverse. Some hoop earrings do not make a complete closed circle but instead have a post, which passes through the ear lobe and is secured in place like a stud earring. These are called half-hoop earrings.

Sleeper: A sleeper earring is a special type of hoop earring which when closed forms a continuous ring which can be rotated 360 degrees and is often worn in newly pierced ears as it can be worn twenty four hours a day to prevent the ear piercing from closing as it heals.

Drop: or dangle earrings hang below the ear lobe and are attached by a thin hook shaped wire which pass through the lobe, or by post and butterfly attachment like a stud earring.

Chandelier: This is a long and elaborate dangle earring, typically consisting of various cascading tiers of beads or gemstones.

Huggy: Huggies are earrings in which the setting hugs the shape of the ear lobe and hides the earring post.

Ear Thread: An ear thread is a chain that is fine enough to pass through the ear piercing and is often embellished with beads at one end.

Plugs: Plug earrings are short cylindrical earrings used in large gauge ear piercings and held in place by a flared end or by a rubber O-ring.

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